I am proud of my mom.. breadwinner and all..

mom and daughter - a painting of a mother and a daughter
March 30, 2007 9:00pm CST
My mom, she's a hero. A mom who strongly faced every situation in her life with courage. I don't know how she handled all her problems in the first place. Our dad left us when I was 16 yrs. old. Although, he still goes to our house from time to time, but he doesn't really support us. I just want to tell the whole world how proud I am with my mother. Ever since my dad left us (my mom and my two sisters), my mom has been the breadwinner and the father. Not only that.. she helps other people too in times of need. She managed to provide for everything we need, food, clothes, shelter, tuition fees, and other necessities. Our dad didn't even help her with our tuition fees in school. My elder sister has graduated and is now working in China, thanks to my mom. Me and my twin sister are almost finished in college. I just can't believe my mom was able to provide for everything we need. We all were able to go to great universities, we never lack anything, we are contented with what we have. We are not rich, just so you know. But my mom was able to give everything that we need for school. I'm just proud of her. I'm thankful to God for her.. she's a mother like no other;) How about you? Do you have the same situation like me? Do you have a mother that you can be proud of? Do you have a mother who provides for everything that you need, only standing on her own feet and not relying on anyone else but God? Do share..;)
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