March 30, 2007 10:09pm CST
have you gone any operations in your body? what illness you had? and how did you cope the operation? did your wounds heal so fast? kindly share us your experience!!!
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• Canada
31 Mar 07
I only had one operation in my life and this was as a child . They operated on my adnoys ( not sure how to spell these words ) and my pallups at the same time . I was really sick afterwards but do believe I recoverd in normal amount of time . I remember being really sick while my sister ran around the hospital after being operated on also . I was throwing up blood and felt miserable . But our mom was with us and I remember her being with me the whole time and that made me feel better .
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@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
31 Mar 07
Hi krislouiebaby, I had my tonsils and adnoids removed when I was 9 years old. It was very scary to go to the hospital at that age. The morning of the operation, I got a shot in the butt, I think it was to help me fall asleep. Next thing I know, I am being wheeled on a gurney to the operating room. The doctor asked me what kind of gas do I want. My choices were chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. After I answered strawberry, I remember the mask going over my face. That was the last thing I remember. Then I woke up crying because I was disoriented and in an even more unfamiliar place afterwards. I was crying till Brother Rob (from a Baptist Church) came and sat with me for a few hours. A nurse even got mad at me because I had trouble not swallowing to harshly. She was worried I would break the stitches in my newly stitched throat. She even smacked me on the back of my head because of my swallowing the blood after the surgery. I told on her and I got a new nurse. Then I get ice-cream. Waking up after surgery is not a favorite activity of mine, for you are disoriented and distraught. The patient is also around complete strangers and this doesn't help to relax him or her. Nice nurses are a plus, too, at least the ones that don't smack you on the back of your head. Dr. Granoff was a sweetie, though, the actual throat doctor that clipped my tonsils and adnoids. If I saw him today I would say thank you and flash a big smile.