Anna Nicole.murder or lead into suicide??

United States
March 30, 2007 11:22pm CST
My take is this: Her kid died, she died. MILLIONS of dollars at stake for her sole survivor. Howard wants the baby cause he wants the money. How long will the baby survive once the money is hers? How will Howard convince us she "took all those drugs on her own"?? Easy enough to do if you're an adult... I think someone needs to get that baby out of there fast. Money will do strange things to people. Right now I don't trust anybody taking care of her in the Bahamas where we can't get to her. I don't care much for Vergie but she's a much better choice than Howard and if she was allowed to take the baby back to Texas, DCF would be on her butt 24/7. Never fel sorry before for anybody who inherited millions.
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