All of us have a truth that we live by. Some truths are what has developed

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March 30, 2007 11:45pm CST
as we have lived life, some are what we have read and some are what we've been told by a person we admire, or of hearing it and it rang true for us. Please share your truth. It can be sweet or obnoxious, but it's your truth now. Explain where you developed your truth, ie, from whom you heard it or from what you read. Also, please tell why it has meaning to you. The following is what I live by that I came to by watching people and their pets: A person who doesn't love animals can never love me because animals are the easiest of all to love. I realize that HITLER loved his dog; he was a ominous horrible human and I would never have trusted him. By and large most people are 'normal' humans and if they love their critters they can mostly be trusted-at least they can love something. Also, explain why you like your life motto-why it is true for you.
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31 Mar 07
First of all what you say about animals can be trusted and easier to love. I dont think that is true. I remember reading Dear Abby years ago and a wife writing in because her husband would not quit smoking. She had a lung disease and his smoke made her sick and hard to breath, something of that nature. He would not quit for her. But the reason she was writing to Dear Abby was because the vet told him if he didnt quit smoking his little dog was going to die from breathing it. I cant remember if he told him the little dog was being effected by it then. But in any case the man was going to quit smoking because he didnt want his dog to die. So the wife wanted Abby's advice on since she was so hurt by this. I know people who dont like babies but they like animals. I dont know how anyone cannot like a baby. I can understand them not liking a rebelious teenager. I know how obnoxious they can be. But to get to what my truth is. It is DRUM ROLL PLEASE. IF it sounds too good to be true, It usually is. I have found this to be true over and over again. Too many instances to list.I will agree with you that animals are easy to love. I had a dog once who would have rather had a pat on the head then food. The animals are always there to greet us when we get home and ask us in their way how our day went. They dont demand anything but our attention. And for us to feed and water them . Throw them a bone or a toy and they are happy as clams. I developed my truths through the school of hard knocks as I imagine you did yours. You sound like a very nice person to love animals so much. But there are nice people out there too.
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2 Apr 07
Thank you, kind person for responding. I may have been blacklisted because people obviously tend to not respond to the two questions I have asked. I digress. I am not saying that everyone who loves animals is kind. What I am alluding to is that IF a person cannot love an animal then they can never and absolutely love me. My mother loves animals and well need I say more? So the fact that someone is a critter lover doesn't mean that they will love me. It means that the possibility is there to love me. If a person hates animals...I know some who really hate them...animal equals easiest to love...then what chance in H-E- DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS do I have of having them love me? I'd say nil. Because I am difficult even to myself. I think maybe you misunderstood what I meant. If that's the case then maybe I neglected to be succinct. IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it usually is is a great philosophy. But this too can be picked apart. Hence, not all truths are blanket and universal. Here's why: A family I knew in California was stuck up and snooty except for the oldest son. He is an absolute doll. While he was taking AIKIDO the main man who owned the dojo asked him if he wanted to take over his business. Brian jumped on it. Today Brian is worth many many moolas and has a young family and supports them. He was not required to even pay for the dojo or the clientele. It was handed to him. You're saying that you went to the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS? I thought you went to SHUT UP U! Thank you for your stories. I hope today while you're at work you will have a wonderful day. Be nice to your co-workers. They might be nice to you. : )
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5 Apr 07
A DOJO is a place where the AIKIDO guys & gals do martial arts. A STUDIO-if you will-. Clients pay money, bow in respect....and learn a martial art form. DANG! it's like a workout room....ok?