Why most of the people are Selfish? Are u that sort of person???????

March 31, 2007 12:56am CST
hi friends, why most of the people are selfish, as i have meet with a lot of people in my life but most of them i experienced they are selfish. if they do not have any interest they will never care of you but if they have any interest they will always with you. what is your experience in life? are meet with thi sort of people. are you that sortof person??????????
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• India
31 Mar 07
It is someone's person nature which makes selfish. Such people think all the time about their benefit only. They do not mind others business. Most of us are selfish at least few percent. But there are people who are pure selfish. Always mind their own business. Even they do not mind to heart someone for their own benefit. Even they do not leave family member too. There are such people too who think & do something for others only, but very less in number. Whatever help they can provide, they do. Selfish people are back spot to the society.
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@paidreader (5151)
• United States
31 Mar 07
Hello Scorleo4us. Welcome to MyLot! I have met some pretty selfish people too, but I've also met some very nice ones that would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it more than they did. I know when I was young, with 2 younger sisters I was a pretty selfish person myself. I had a hard time sharing my toys or treats but I've almost grown out of that kind of selfishness. As I've gotten older, I've learned to share with others but still feel possessive about certain things, like my hubby for one. :) I think it is human nature for people to protect their own interests before those of someone elses, but there are quite a few unselfish members here that are always willing to help other members if they are able to do so. :)
• Pakistan
31 Mar 07
hi Paidreader, thanks for you coments. it is true nature can not be change.