Why You Should Choose A Blog Format For Your Website

@infohome (1222)
March 31, 2007 1:23am CST
The word "blog" is a confusing term to many people. The word has several possible definitions. These multiple meanings cause the confusion. First, it can refer to the kind of software that is running the website. Some content management software is referred to as blog software. Second, it can refer to the overall reverse chronological nature of the content of the website. This is probably the most common use. The blog itself IS the website. Third, it can refer to a part or section of a website. Company websites are often loaded with content but only a portion is dedicated to a blog format which is used to communicate press releases and company news. This article addresses the second definition. Why should you use a blog to structure your website? There are five fundamental reasons/circumstances. 1) The goal of your website to cover daily and/or weekly events of a particular niche topic. Blogs are well suited for covering this kind of material. Whether it is politics or entertainment, the reverse chronological nature of a blog fits perfectly. 2) You write on a daily basis. A blog allows writers to easily post their content to a website. There is in fact, nothing simpler. 3) You want to focus on subscribers rather than mere traffic. There is a fundamental difference. Visitors arriving from a search engine come and go. Readers who return to your blog and your RSS feed typically stay around a long time. 4) Your web skills are limited. Installing blog software to run a website is relatively easy. I do recommend that you own your own domain and install actual software rather than use a third party system. In the long run, that will be foundational you your success. 5) You merely want to capture your personal thoughts. For quick and dirty posting of your opinions and the like, nothing beats a blog. If you desire a web presence, first consider your purpose. If it fits with one of the five reasons above you may want to consider a blog! Paul Flyer writes and maintains his own blog at http://www.RecommendedWebTools.com, an online resource for web development beginners. Visit for more information about blogging and other web tools.
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