Places that takes your breath away... (The Rice Terraces Philippines)

Terraces Philippines Ifugao Philippines - Terraces Philippines Ifugao Philippines
Nirvana on earth
March 31, 2007 1:30am CST
I thought of this discussion while staring at my desktop wallpaper... My wallpaper is a picture of the phillipine rice terraces in ifugao, a far north of Manila... This place simply takes my breath away... Just by staring at the pictures, i can feel the clean, cool wind gushing into my face... i can smell the aroma of sweetness that is innate in that place... A place that can change your mood, your outlook even just by staring at a picture you've taken a year ago, everything, every memory of that experience comes back to you... lush green fields, the perfect sun that most of the time hides between clouds of rain that never falls, the sweet symphony of nature making melody in your ears... as if man can never damage this nirvana on earth... this is the experience i had during this vacation... even if it happened a long time ago, it will always be fresh in my memory... Where is your nirvana on earth, describe that place:)
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