Why Your #1 Ranking Is Not Bringing You New Traffic And Sales

@infohome (1222)
March 31, 2007 1:43am CST
Finally you are number 1 on the search engines for you main keywords! Talk about a way to start the new year! You are so happy, you can't stay in place. You’re exhilarated. But a few days later you discover that your website traffic is still the same. But most importantly, so are the sales... What a bummer! What went wrong? Does search engine positioning is flat dead? Not really. Here is the most common reason for this: You target the wrong keywords! You may not be targeting keywords that your potential customers are searching for. Keywords research is one of the most important step while you're optimizing your website, Target the wrong keywords and your business is destined to fail. The key is to offer your visitors what they want. It is crucial you do your keyword research! Tools such as Wordtracker will help you determine the exact keywords and key phrases you need to attract you potential customers and make the sale. The secret of a top search engine ranking is knowing your targeted audience. Once you know your potential client you may develop your website description tag and content accordingly. That way not only will you get qualified potential customers who are looking for your product or service but your sales conversion ratio will skyrocket! In Summary, it is better trying to sell a Ferrari to a millionnaire living in california than a millionaire living in Antarctica... I am sure you agree with that! To You Success! Want To learn More About SEO? Get your FREE SEO Newsletter With Hundreds Of "killer" Website Marketing Tips And Tricks. Serge Daudelin, SEO Consultant. Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services.com Professional And Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services Trought Natural Search Engines Results. Serge Daudelin is a Internet Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist who has written over 300 articles in print and 5 published ebooks. Serge is dedicated to helping others and offering the best information on how to make more money online. http://affordable-search-engine-optimization-services.com/
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