Riding bike at high speed. Is it good habbit? or not.

March 31, 2007 2:11am CST
I have a brand new Hero Honda passion motor bike and I used to drive it at a speed not less than 100 KMPH. But after that I get some thing wrong with me is taht I get tired, why? Why it happes I don't know. I am not running but riding it should not make me tired. Where n whats the problem?
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• Philippines
31 Mar 07
It is true that you were not running. You were riding the motorbike. The motorbike yes and not the car. In a car, you are well protected against the elements of nature and you are well seated. You are in fact, comfortably seated. When you are taking the motobike, you will never be comfortably seated. You will have to work on your balance or else you will get a crash. The wind and the sun, you will have to manage against them. There are no windshields that encase you, nor is there any roof above you. Do you get now why it is a tiring thing to be getting on those bikes especially if it is a long trip? When you take the bike, get a slow and comfortable ride. It will not be as tiring as when you are going fast. The wind will be softer as a breeze then.