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March 31, 2007 2:25am CST
My boyfriend and I are planning to get married this year, but the thing is my mum just passed away last january 6 and some people's telling me that we have to wait for a year before we can get married. Some say that we have to respect my mum's death while others are telling me that something bad will happen if we get married this year because of my mum's death.. Just want to know what you think cause I am really confused. Should I listen to those people or should we pursue our plan? thanks in advance!!!
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• China
31 Mar 07
we advise you delay wedding plan,it`s best to follow local custom,
• United States
31 Mar 07
i think this is a cultural difference. perhaps it is customary in your country to wait for a respectful grieving time to be done before giving way to such a joyous occasion? personally if you mum was happy with your choice of man, and wanted you two to get married then i would go for it. however if you feel that it would be upsetting to LOTS of ppl then you might want to wait. that is all depending on what your willing to deal with though. if you two being happily married is what you want then i would get married...personally i would be worried about the other ppl's opinion, but i dont live in your country and im not sure how much of an influence these "others" might have in your life. the person above me suggested lighting a white candle in memory of your mother at the ceremony..that is a very lovely idea. whether or not you decide to wait, i would still do that.
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
actually my mum loved my boyfriend. he even helped me take care of her when she was very ill. And every one in my family likes him also.I guess we can really push through with our plan. thanks a lot!!