i am soooooooooo confused huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

March 31, 2007 3:05am CST
hey guys i just visited this guy's profile and i can't beleive because he or she got a lot of replies for just yes or not type of threads unbeleivable !!!!!!!! look by ur self by this link http://www.mylot.com/makemoney/discussions?t=start&p=1 let me tell u topics which she or he started 1) how many hours do u sleep 12, 7, 8 (got 842 replies) 2) which is your favourate fruit (got 267 replies) 3) which is the best instant messanger yahoo, msn, google talk (got 193 replies) Even though she has only 15 friends and have added only 1 interest in her list Comparatively other people's discussion are more interesting, meanful and carry some worth but they don't get much replies Am really schoked can anybody tell me the SECRET ?
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