Why windows hosting is costly than the linux hosting ?

@shyam221 (519)
March 31, 2007 3:34am CST
i think windows requires the licence and costly to get licence , you have to buy it from the microsoft and linux opertating system if free this may be th cause for the windows hosting to be costly than the simple linus hosting.
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11 Apr 07
Why *generally* does hosting on M$ Windows cost more than on A-N-Other Operating System ? 1. Windows hosting requires more expensive, more powerful hardware to do the same tasks due to the o/s overheads 2. Windows licencing is awkward and expensive compare to open-source O/S like Fedora and CentOS 3. Windows in a shared-hosting environment is (often) less stable and therefore the support cost is higher 4. Non-windows server operating systems have built applications for DNS,FTP,Email,SSH etc, whereas decent versions of required applicationd for Windoze all add to the cost. So its more expensive, and IMHO unless you *need* ASP.NET and M$SQL, then there's no point hosting on Windows based systems.
@miniplaya (166)
31 Mar 07
Have to say Linux is a lot better! just my opionion, it is a lot easier to manage etc
@tinkutr (382)
• India
31 Mar 07
Windows hosting is easy and flexible.