April Fools Day.

@lena2000 (2392)
March 31, 2007 3:50am CST
I remember when I would have been about 6 or 7 at the kitchen table on the morning of a school day. The phone started ringing and my Dad answered, after finishing the conversation he came in and told me and my two brothers that a part of the school had burnt down and that we had the day off. We, of course, were ecstatic, only to have him come in again 5 minutes later and tell us it was April Fools! Turns out he rang the home phone himself and faked it all. That was probably the only thing I've ever fallen for, but how 'bout you guys? What's the worst thing you've done to someone for April Fools? Or what's the worst thing you've fallen for?
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@deepti15 (1190)
• India
31 Mar 07
ha ha ha your dad seems to be a very lively person. Well its quite easy to fool someone all year around but quite tough to do that ion fools day. All fools are quite alert that day he he..he. Wel once I went to my sister with wheat flour in my hand, and told her that I have bought this new telcom powder and want her to try. Poor thing, she applied it all over her face and all of my family burst out laughing .
@lena2000 (2392)
• Belgium
31 Mar 07
Thanks - :)
• Singapore
31 Mar 07
I haven't fallen for anything "serious" on April Fools' Day. I might have been outwitted by something "trivial" but if I was, I couldn't recall now. :P I am usually mightily alert on such occasions - because I don't like being tricked and appearing silly lol. ^^
@Haisum (35)
• Pakistan
31 Mar 07
in my case i was at home. after some the phone rang when i picked up the phone som1 told me that ur father had an accident on motorcycle i was so shocked and also confused wht to do and how to do?? but after sometime i remembered that the motorcyle is at home and dad had taken the car