Did I saw a GHOST?!

@Serwas (40)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
March 31, 2007 9:02am CST
I live in asmall town where we all know each other (if not by name than by face certanly). It was almost two in the morning and i was walking on the road to my house. I had to walk for few km till i reach there, and i had to go trough really dark alley. in one moment i saw a man walking on the road about 10 meters in front of me, so i decided to go faster so we can walk together and talk. I was on 5 meters from him when he started to get this white color and became almost transparent. So i tought im seeinig things, and started to go even faster, but more I was close to him, more he becamed whiter and transparent. When i was on on 2 meter's from him he just dissapierd in front of me. He vanquished, turned in to air, like he never was here. I was so scared (and im not someone who gets scared easily). I started to panic, to run. I didnt screamed, but i couldnt stop my hart beat, i tought my heart will explode. I never belived i ghosts, but i have no other explanation for this...Now im thinkin to go on therapy, cuz i'm not sure am i crazy or what...What u think? Am i sick? Do I see things (like in a movie, that sentence "You know i see dead people")? Its not funny to me any more...
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• India
25 May 07
check this ghost story 111100001111 The Man On The Bench I hope you enjoy it. This happened few years ago in my home town, Driffield, and I remember it was on Valentine's day. Me and my friend, Kerstie, were walking to her house one night. I forget what we were doing, but on the way to her house we had to pass this memorial garden. It has a few flowers, and a bench that faces a monument from the war, it's quite a nice place with a small river. There is a path that runs behind the bench, and this was the path we had chosen that day. It wasn't quite dark and I remember it was around 6pm because there is a church not far from the garden, and the bells struck just before we walked by. We were both quite happily talking away until we came close to the bench. Then we both went silent, and turned to face the bench. It was very strange because we both did this at the exact same time, in mid sentence, and just stared for what seemed like ages. There was a man sat on the bench with his back to us. He seemed to be wearing a rather large coat, with a biggish collar, it was a greenish color, and he had a large bag next to him. I originally thought the bag was a small child huddled on the bench until I realized how large it was. After what seemed like ages, but was most likely a few seconds, we both realized we were staring but we didn't seem to understand why. Then, at the exact same time, we both realized the guy had no visible head (I know it sounds lame but honestly it is true). Kerstie started to scream. She ran across the road and waited for me on the other side. I didn't quite know how to react and just continued to stare in shock. The guy didn't seem phased by Kerstie screaming, and this creeped me out a little. I thought maybe he was leaning forward, and his head just wasn't visible, so I slowly walked round the side of the bench, to see a front view. The whole time, he didn't move an inch. As I got closer, I saw that he wasn't hunched forward... He really didn't have a head... Just a gaping collar with blackness. Yet he had hands, and feet and everything else. He just sat there with his hands on his knees. At this point, fear got the better of me and I ran after Kerstie. As I caught up with her I paused and looked back... The guy was moving his arms... We then ran all the way to her house. When we actually got home, it was the first time we spoke since we went silent and she said to me "You did see that didn't you?" We then talked about the whole experience, and we had both witnessed the same thing... A headless man in green, sat with a bag on a bench. She also said that she thought the bag was a child too... I thought that was kind of odd. We thought maybe it was a guy from the war waiting for his lover, or grieving for a friend lost in the war, but I doubt we will ever know. I know it seems unlikely but this really did happen, and if it wasn't for the fact that Kerstie saw it too, I'd wonder if I really did see it. I have seen other things but this is by far the scariest.