will hammering of metals brings about magnetic field around it?

March 31, 2007 10:03am CST
when we keep a coin under the railway track it attracts other metals so it seems that a metal induces a magnetic field around it when hammered. is it true or is there any other reasons.
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6 Apr 07
If you take a piece of steel, line it up North-South, then hit it with a hammer a few times you will indeed make it in to a magnet. It won't be terribly strong, but it will certainly be enough to act as a compass needle. Pieces of steel can also have magnetism induced in them by heating them and letting them cool whilst aligned in a North / South direction, or if they're put in an existing strong magnetic field. For example, a piece of steel might pick up a magnetic field if it were placed near a large electromagnet, part of a running electric motor, etc.