Depression after bereavement.

March 31, 2007 10:11am CST
Depression during the grieving period following bereavement is not always helped by pills or potions prescribed by your medical doctor. I believe that this "depression" can be better helped by understanding that you are not alone, that your symptoms are the same, or, very similar to all those travelling through this "moving on" period. You have now entered a period of your life that you have never experienced before, the answers are not secrets, it's just that you have never needed to ask the questions before. It is my belief that you must share what is on your mind, words do help, sharing with other family members, a minister, priest, padre, etc, your doctor, or, a counsellor, all of these may help, but it is often difficult to make that first contact. Words can be written down on paper, or, there are forums that you can find on the inter-net, you may be helping yourself by reading the posts of others, or, helping others that may read your posts, you will know that you are not alone. The website, has been written to attempt to help in this period of grieving, and, hopes to help family and friends in the understanding of this grieving period. The site is non-commercial and without advertising.
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