Im really TIRED!! I believe i have done everything!

@J3rvic (145)
March 31, 2007 12:31pm CST
Im really tired in postings and responding, no matter how hard i keep on postings and how hard i give my best response i cant get to have many replies. Im not after the earnigs but im after their comments and opinions, Im after their comments because i believe that they could help me and i could take their advices. Why cant I have many replies?? I is their another way to get my postings more appealing?? Im frustrated.
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@ksherrie (891)
• Singapore
31 Mar 07
= hey come on.. you definitely replied quite a lot more than me... haha... relax... you cant earn much by being frustrated rite? but tat is a really cute penguin avatar you have there.. may i know where you get it?
@weemam (13377)
31 Mar 07
hiya and welcome to my Lot , if you make your reply more than just a few words and if you try and make friends too , If you have friends then they answer your discussions and to be polite you answer theirs , you get to know what people are interested in too , I hardly answered any at first but now I can answer most , I f I see one discussion I don't understand or I am not sure of how to answer I just move on , have fun , it is a lovely site with lots of nice people xx