which country u like the most,other then your home country and why???

@junior07 (973)
March 31, 2007 1:56pm CST
which one country you like the most which is not your home country and what things attract you toward that country,is it the culture,environment,people,food???
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
31 Mar 07
Well I am a Canadian but live in the U.S....however other than Canada the country I lvoe is Jamaica..I love the ppl, the food, the weather, the beautiful scenery and the fact that it makes me feel closer to my father (he was born in Antiqua but grew up in JA)...
• United States
31 Mar 07
Apart from my home country, the Philippines, I like the United States because there are a lot of opportunities here for employment and studies. So far, I never had any problems with discrimination because I'm fortunate enough to be hired as a teacher in a Christian school, and everybody's treated as equal (and I can honestly feel that). Here in the US, nobody would interfere with your private life, you can actually do whatever you like, or can express yourself freely. This country is indeed a melting pot because there are so many Asians here as well, and I almost feel like I'm also in my home country right now, minus my family and friends back home. I shall be visiting my home country in June anyway. Happy myLotting!