The ancients teach, De Gustibus non Disputandum

@urbandekay (18312)
March 31, 2007 2:28pm CST
In matters of taste there is no disputation or in other words beauty is subjective.l Do you agree or can we say this is tasteless, that is of some aesthetic value? all the best urban
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@maribea (2366)
• Italy
1 Apr 07
well I quite agree with this statement...I mean likes and dislikes are so personal and private that it is useless trying to make others feel or think the same way as us...of course sometimes it is harder agreeing with this statement...I mean...I have met with so different and strange people that I found it difficult accepting that their behaviours were as right as mine and that they have the same rights as me in deciding to behave in a manner that I considered I can admit I think that likes are likes but ok...sometimes there are absurd people and absurd tastes!!! may be it is only one of my limits and I have to work on this aspect of myself!!!