Have you ever learn self defence ? Or let your kids to learn self defence ?

@femimi (872)
March 31, 2007 2:36pm CST
Have you ever learn self defence? Some people said that this is very important specially for women, because nowadays we see more crazy people can try to harm us. But some people said that self defence trigger to make fighting accident among us and better to run if see something dangerous. What kind of self defence that you learned? And if you have kids, will you let them to learn self defence ?
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• Canada
3 Apr 07
I have never learned any self defence but have always been interested in this as I like the way they can move and it would always be something useful for if you were ever in danger . But in our area they don't have anything like this for adults . They do have it for children though and both my son and daughter were in Judo for awhile but grew bored of it and quit . I thought it was a good experience for them though and some of it may always stick with them although they were not in for long :)
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• Philippines
2 Apr 07
i enrolled a self-defense program last month, it was called Tabimina-Balintawak. it's a type of martial arts that focuses on possible situations in getting into trouble. it teaches us bare hand defense, knife disarming and stick defense. this program is said to be the "Missing Link in Martial Arts" because if you have backgrounds in martial arts, you can insert Balintawak and combine it with your previous martial arts skills. i really like that children will also learn self-defenses. it's one way of surviving in our cruel world. just search it in youtube for you to understand the concepts and trainings in Tabimina-Balintawak.
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