kissing babies on their lips?

March 31, 2007 7:11pm CST
well babies are so fragrant and we cannot help but kiss their lips and smell their moth! is it healthy? do germs and bacteria in our mouth will transfer to babies and they will get sick? how come we always kiss our baby's lips! honestly, i can't help it! :)
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@mememama (3077)
• United States
8 Apr 07
Germs are good. The baby's immune system benefits from getting exposed to germs. I kiss my son on the lips as long as I'm not sick ;)
• Canada
1 Apr 07
I don't believe this would make our babies sick . They are so tiny and babies loved to be cuddled and part of this is why we always go for their lips but it is so quick and unless you had the flu I can't see that it would give the baby germs that would make him/her sick . And if you were sick well then you would never consider giving a baby a kiss on the lips as you would not want them to get sick and would try and keep your distance as best you could do that you wouldn't give them what you had .