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sleep tight! - we're so dead tried!
March 31, 2007 7:42pm CST
do you sleep with your baby while they are so small, like a month old, or do you prefer to put him/her in a baby crib to keep her/him safe? are you not afraid of hurting them unintentionally when you fall asleep beside your baby?
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• Canada
1 Apr 07
I was never able to do this with any of my chidren as I was always so nervous that I would roll over on them but with my three year old , one day I was having pains and was bleeding a lot , everyone I talked to said it was because I had just had a baby and it had been a long time since I had a baby that I was just forgetting what it was like and was probably overdoing things . This was only a couple of days after I had got home from the hospital . I took the baby up with me thinking I would just lay on the bed with her as I was having a lot of pain and figured that while she slept I could cuddle with her and maybe would feel better , but never thought I would fall asleep . I was very upset when I woke up and found I had not put the baby in her basinet and she was no longer with me , my heart was in my throat . I got up to find my husband and he said he had come up and saw me asleep and the baby was awake so he took her downstairs . I ended up in the hospital a couple of hours later when I started to severly hemorage ( they had left part of the placenta in me and this was what was making me so tired and causing me to bleed so much as I was hemmoraging ) . This was the only time I ever feel asleep with any of my children and the fact that when I woke up she was not there was enough to remind me of why I never wanted to sleep with them as my first initial thought had fallen out of bed .
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