Try a few of these tips to help take the edge off the winter blast on your hair.

March 31, 2007 10:37pm CST
Freezing cold temperatures,excessive winds,snow and rain can all wreak havoc on your hair in winter.As the season changes,so does the amount of moisture in the air and the amount of moisture in your hair.Dry heat at home or in the workplace can also adversely affect your hair during the winter months.Try a few of there tips to help tahe the edge off the winter blast on your hair. 1}DRY HAIR THOROUGHLY BEFORE BRAVING WINTER WEATHER CONDITIONS. 2}COVER DAMP HAIR TO KEEP IT FROM BEING EXPOSED TO THE ELEMENTS. 2}PROTECT YOUR LONG HAIR FROM BEING DAMAGED BY WHIPPING IN THE WIND. 3}SHAMPOO LESS IF YOU EXPERIENCE EXCESSIVE BREAKAGE. 4}USE HOT OIL TO FIGHT THE EFFECTS OF THE COLD ON YOUR HAIR. 5}ADD MOISTURE TO YOUR HAIR. 6}LOCK THE MOISTURE IN YOUR HAIR. 7}TRY THIS EXTRA HAIR COCKTAIL TO LOCK MOISTURE IN: *To make the cuticle lie down and lay flat,rinse your hair with apple cider vinger. *let it sit on the hair for a few minutes,then rinse with cool or cold water. *Apple cider vinegar contracts the cuticle and locks not only moisture but colour in as well.A vinegar rinse will give you less chance of colour fade. THE COLD TEMPERATURE AND BRISK WIND CAN DO AS MUCH DAMAGE TO OUR HAIR AS IT TO OUR SKIN.PLEASE SPEND A FEW MORE MINUTES GIVING YOUR HAIR A LITTLE MORE ATTENTION.
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15 Dec 07
I will try to help because i was having this problem years ago and now i am able to control it. Someone helped me to scratch it with an hair pin then apply lemon juice; leave t for about 1 hour. It's hard to get a very plain one to add oils too so don't add to the whole bottle just as you use it. You need to buy some tea tree essential oil make sure it's pure you can get it from boots or from the health food shops or online .
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10 Apr 07
thank u for ur tips and i was not aware of such helpful tips
@Rshine (7)
• India
7 Apr 07
I had taken experiences with your tips belive me its working thank you very much.