Useful Beliefs In life , Share yours

Useful beliefs  - YOu can lead a better life by changing your beliefs , you can adopt the beliefs of others , beliefs decide what can of life you are living and what your reactions to most of the events in life woul be , beliefs determine your failure or success , beliefs make or mar you , beliefs are God ,beliefs are everything .
@jamie622 (508)
March 31, 2007 10:43pm CST
I have some useful beliefs in life and I am going to list them here . Believ me they have been of great service to me and they can be to you as well . So here they come:1. " I have endless enrgy and can never get tired unless the task at hand is done "2. " I can learn to do anything that another person can do ."3. "I can be firecely compettive and yet not feel bad if another person wins ."4. " No unfortunate event is big enough to make me sad ."5 . " I can always succeed without harming anyone "6. " There is no gain without pain but pain can be made fun . You can always enjoy what you are doing "7 . " No matter how bid the problem seems there is always a way out "Want to share some of yours . Reply please .....
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@samrat16 (2442)
• India
1 Apr 07
I don't think I have any further points to share but surely I'm impressed by your views . I can say I work with energy too and even like yours endless energy . I don't agree with your third point , I give competition and never give up till I win. Winning is like dream come true for me. Okay but even I don't settle my morals for winning.