How to handle your inconsiderate neighbour?

April 1, 2007 2:16am CST
If you have neighbour that party all nights even they know that u have to work tomorrow.. or switch on television/radio with the volume that can be heard as far as 1km.. or throw rubbish on your lawn.. or let their dog messing up with your garden without saying applogy.. How to handle them?
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• United States
1 Apr 07
Ar eyou sure you can't just move out. I think the best way to do this is with time. Now I would not say to do this but it helped me. I lived on the decond floor. MY neighbor was a dj. Down stairs me. She would play that darn music under my bed. I called the cops, I even called the owner. Notheing seemed to help. I turned on my bathroom faucet. Plugged the sink with a rag. Then left my house over 4 hours. When I got back it was a mess. The stairs were pouring. This witches bed was under my bathroom. Ohh was she pissed. I went right outside and sat on the front step. She did this music thing less often but,still late at night. I would wait till she was about sleep. My daughter and I would jump from the bed to the floor. You can't even think of the terrible sound. She called the owner,he came by the nest day. I told him if he was going to speak to me about enjoying my home. He had better speak to her about enjoying hers. He walked away saying just call the police. Now I can see the police from my window pulling up. I would go back in my bed. She was pissed. She would try to play her music when I would walk in my front door. It was major loud,one day I invited all my daughters friends,and my nephews. We bought cookies,cake etc. We kept the door open and enjoyed the music singing and dancing to it all. She stopped playing it. The witch was selfish.
• Malaysia
1 Apr 07
Hey... we have to teach some people lessons... hahah.. i like the way you handle her. She really pissed off i think. Hahah...
@anik30 (71)
• India
5 Apr 07
I think the best way to solve this problem would be to be friendly with this guy, i know it may sound crazy, but would you throw garbage at your friends house. All i am saying is talk to him when you guys meet and try to be nice, and if its you who cleans up the dogs mess try to clean it in front of him(when he is around).I saw this in a movie. I am not saying this is an easy method but it will work. "Mahatma Gandhi" would probably say the same thing. cause the movie i saw was based on his ideology.