it's hard to earn for a living!

April 1, 2007 4:10am CST
yes, it is so hard to earn for a living,do you think life is easier yesterday? how come there are so many poor people nowadays? where are all the money? where did it go? only few have good and secured life, while we are struglling to live, why?
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@lornalhai (148)
• China
4 Apr 07
Life is always hard, but it is up to your living attitude, we earn money with pleasure and enjoy the life.Living is not earning money, but also love, help,appreciation and so on. That is a whole life.
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@pinokkio (352)
• Bahrain
1 Apr 07
Who said life was easier yesterday? People were a lot worse in the old days than now. There was a lot of injustice and a lot of peasants begging for food and money in the old streets of England and France just to name a few. Nowadays we have a lot more options. If you don't like your job you can quit any time and look for something else. You can borrow from the bank. You can start your own business. You can even be an actor and be famous and rich. The only reason these people are poor now is because they never took chances. Take a chance and you will find life is better than it used to be.
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• Philippines
7 Apr 07
i think life is never easy. it just depends on how comfortable you are/were. there are some who says that life was better before because you can buy things in a lesser amount compared to what we have now. i believe in this because before with a small amount you can survive with your everyday living. people were more generous and friendly. now, the rich people are getting richer and the poor, poorer. the poor are not given the opportunity to do what they are capable of. they lack the education, the resources and the trainings to be better people while the rich who can afford these things are the ones who are given further security and chances in life