Do you have your own website, if you do would

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April 1, 2007 4:28am CST
you like free webhosting? If you are considering an online business for something other than drawing traffic to your site, and I mean a real on-line business or service, you might want to investigate creating a website. Having said that, how many of you actually have a website for something other than posting referral links? In any case, if anyone is interested, I know of several sites that offer free hosting, meaning no banners! If you have some knowledge of how to work with PHP, Perl...scripts, folders, etc. it would surely be worth your benefit to bypass the free sites such as Yahoo and Tripod. The only down side, at least to my discovery is that you do not get your own domain name. However, that should not be a problem since niether Yahoo nor Tripod provide a domain name either.*** Oh and the best part is, if you sign up with a site such as: freehostia, doteasy, etc. their webhosting plans tend to be cheaper per month. I know for a fact, I am paying 3 times as much through Yahoo than I would be with freehostia. So, do not make my mistake, go and sign up with the free web hosting sites. And if you need any help sitting up your webpage, let me know. ***I did hear AOL is providing free web hosting now and with your "own" domain name. I do not know if it is true or not; however, the information on indicates it is true. But since I have no knowledge or direct experience with AOL, I will leave it to the reader to investigate the truthfulness of this claim by AOL. If you are running an online business, it will be worth your time to investigate the truthfulness of this claim by AOL because lets face it, free web accounts (Tripod, lycos, Yahoo) do not really scream professional to the people that are viewing your page and thinking of contacting you for a product of service. So if you have some time on your hands, checking into this claim would be a great way to utilize your time; especially if your goal is to make money on-line.
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27 May 07
I had my own website about the artist PRINCE a couple of years ago. But I took down cuase I couldn't afford it and it brought me so much social drama that I didn't need in my life. I am so looking forward to restoring it and brining it back online, but am a little hesitant.If I ever bring it back, it won't be about the same subject.
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30 May 07
I am a huge fan of Prince. I have seen him in concert a few times. I would have loved to have a peek at that site! If you decide to bring it back up let me know! And of course, what is a site about Prince w/o flash.. Usually I hate flash but I can't see a site involving Prince not having some really cool flash content. Let me know if you bring it back......
1 Jun 07
my site is back online. just not ready to go public yet. took me a day to set it up. i just don't know what am gonna fill it with...i don't want it to be about prince. cyberspace is saturated with sites about him. will let u know if i ever fill it. maybe u can give me some ideas? lol
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30 May 07
I think free hosting is okay if I just want to post my referral links or information about how to make money online. But if I want a e-commerce site then my own domain name is the way to go because it's more professional. You gave a good information here about AOL. I'm a member of AOL so I will have to investigate this. Maybe start a discussion about this to have some input from mylot users who know something about it. Thank you again inallduetime for all this valuable information.
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23 Jun 07
I am actually beginning to come around to you thought process regarding free vs. premium. For my professional site, I will keep it premium. But, when get more time and put the work-at-home back up to direct people to wahj's, I will go with free b/c you are right....your welcome votre and thanks for the response.