would you kiss a stranger?

@zemeah (45)
April 1, 2007 5:55am CST
When my friends and I went to disco just last friday, I met a guy. We danced together...as in sensual dance.His hands were on my bodies touching every skin..then we kissed! Yeah, a torid kiss! Gosh, he was really a complete stranger to me.I couldnt really deny the fact that I liked it, I mean the kiss. HE really was a good kisser!Presently my boifreind is not here with me and I felt guilty about it. Now, that guy in the bar is texting me inviting me to go out with him. I wanted to but am afraid the kiss will happen again..I like him..i get attracted to him. Should I go out with him?
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2 Apr 07
wat i feel is dat...dis is only attraction....ur boyfriend is ur true love.....n u sud enjoy da party not the kiss.....just think for a while..if ur bf gets to know bout dis.....wat ll go thru his mind....so i believe u sudnt go out wid him....
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1 Apr 07
you have to decide what is more important to you... your boyfriend's love or the chemistry with this stranger... if you think that this guy can have a relationship that would mean more to your than your present boyfriend then sure.. you should go out with him... but just be careful coz guys can take advantage.. i would suggest that you meet him in a public place a couple of times.. so that you get to know what kinda guy he is andwhat kind f a relationship you want with him... just be careful and think about your priorities...