what would you do if someone told you that he loves you??

April 1, 2007 6:37am CST
there's a guy in my life who i love veryyyy much... but he's in love with someone else... but even so, we do end up saying "luv ya !!" n send lots of hugs and kisses in messages... but we aren't going around or anything like that... i just don't know what to make of it... we talk late into the nite... we've both been single for ages but when he says "love you..." then i just can't make out whether he means it in a romantic way or just as a friend.... any ideas??
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@nathanye (196)
• China
1 Apr 07
u r so lucky that u can still keep in touch with the guy u love for years,and now u two r even have chance to come together.it's really amazing,u know.so why not have a try-give both of u chances-to live together,be real lovers.in some days,maybe some months,u could find whether it's right for u to come together,whether he is still the guy that u love-u know, people can change.and u r keeping sending sweet messages,obviously,he may mean it in a romantic way.furthermore,now people get more and more open,to love and to break up are normal. by the way,i admire u so much.cause i loved a girl when i was in my high school,but now we r even not friend anymore.
• India
1 Apr 07
thanx... i just hope it works out... we were there for each other when we broke up with our exs.. so its rather a close relationship... there's just one thing that i forgot to mention... we haven't met yet!!! lol... but gonna meet next month so mayb something will work out!! ;)