what is the highest you have earned in a single day

April 1, 2007 7:13am CST
Well I'am a newbie to mylot ,I would like to know whats the highest you have earned on a single day.Plz help me with some tips so that I can also earn.
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• United Arab Emirates
1 Apr 07
the highest i earned a day is 0.37$ , some people get more than that becoz they post better than me. i come in mylot when i get free time. u should be very brief in ur answer. if the people give u '-' reputation ur money may not increase, but if ur answer is best and people give u '+' reputation u will get more money. and u also gets money when ur discussions are answered. if we do one word replies like lol, thanks etc, we wont earn from that. its better to work as a team, have friends and reply each other positevely and give '+' reputation, and give the answers as good as possible as u can. u will earn more.
@mantiz (103)
• India
1 Apr 07
elo i'm new too.. it'd be nice to know how much i can earn here and how to maximise it too :)