Love is a delusion?Do you believe this?

April 1, 2007 8:23am CST
I never built an affection relationship with some girl.So,I just knew something about love that could heal illness and something like this as you said in this BBS about love from others,not from myself experience.At it happens,my oral english teacher put forward this topic in our class that he said some one thought the love was a delusion.I had told you I'm not yet sinking in love,so,I don't know which point is right.Is love a big delusion that we love this person just because we have sank into the mire.Then,if we pull ourselves out, we'll find we also can share our previously divine love with other person.In other words,there were not someone who we are destined to wait ,care and give them our unselfish love.One person choose his/her counterpart at random,not at the destiny.
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