beware of yahoo.mail 2

@kostar07 (386)
April 1, 2007 12:19pm CST
this my second thread about mail from yahoo.but this time not for scam mail.but i am sure this mail contains is said like this "hello, please stop spamming my mail inbox, bla..bla..bla.. and the sender said that she (the name is female)attched for screenshot.but, this screenshoot no jpg or image extention.this attach is exe.i am really sure,this mail contains virus.better delete this mail.
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1 Apr 07
If this e-mail is the one beginning... hi, how are you. I thought I would check up... then, yes, I've been having those in bulk for about two years now. I never open them, just bin them immediately and then empy my Trash Can. They do, most certainly, contain viruses and replying to them, just sets you up for an increased number of them. Some of them even contain names that are familiar to you, so you do have to be alert and very careful about what you open. Thank you for the warning, Kostar.
@kostar07 (386)
• Indonesia
2 Apr 07
you're welcome leed,and i said thank you for you to about your information.
@padu19 (1441)
• India
6 Apr 07
i usually don't get .exe files.. i always get .pif file or else rarely .jpg or.doc or .txt file.. whatever it is i get it only in my bulk folder.. so i delete all the files with attachments and from unknown mail ids.. i know am not going to get any attachments from any stranger unless i aaply for any job opportunities or so.. am always alert of these spam mails.. anyway thank you for starting this topic.. i recommend you to use McaFree since it doesn't allow any kind of virus to enter your system.. good luck !!!