April Fools!!

United States
April 1, 2007 12:46pm CST
I have a really mean joke. Go out on a public place and find a guy that you like to fool, once you have choose the guy, tell him that you really like him the first time you saw him, he's driving you crazy! Then tell him if he wanna come to your apartment and have some fun, and when he says "Yes," probably he will.... tell him, April Fools! What a dushbug.... lol! Share your April Fools Jokes, and you will be rewarded as..... What else can i offer, best response of course! hehehe... Happy April Fools Day! Be careful and have fun people=)
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• Belgium
1 Apr 07
Thats a pretty mean joke but I like it =D I did this today: I went away from home and after 10 minutes I called my father to tell that the police stopped me with my bike and I had to go to the bureau with them and that he must come and get me or they won't let me go. Then when he takes the car out I stand a couple of blocks away, when he sees me I yell april fools. It doesn't seem fun but I really enjoyed it ^^
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• United States
1 Apr 07
That was pretty mean! hehehe, I hope your father didn't cry out loud before you said it was April Fools! lol! Nice share. Cheers=)