Money spent on marriage

April 1, 2007 3:03pm CST
How much money did you / do you plan on spending on your marriage? Just wondering, how much I need to save up if I ever decide to get married :-)
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@mickidmw (992)
• United States
4 Apr 07
Wow, very open ended there. It really depends on how big, how fancy, how many people, are you going to have a wedding planner, how many bridesmaids, flower girls etc... You can spend from a few hundred dollars to 50,000 or more, again depending on size and fanciness. Good luck
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• Philippines
5 Apr 07
the budget for a wedding depends on how you want your wedding to be or what your priorities are. if you want to have intimate wedding with only close friends and relatives around, this is cheaper than celebrating a big wedding which has an out of town location. i suggest that you think of what kind of wedding you would want and then scout for possible price range for suppliers. from there, you can set a budget for your wedding. just remember that you don't have to spend much for your wedding if you can not really afford it. what matters most is that you are getting married to the person you love and wanted to be with for the rest of your life.
• Canada
4 Apr 07
When I get married, I want the wedding to cost as little as possible. One thing's for sure, I'm not going to spend money on that big white dress I'm only going to wear once. I don't plan on having kids, so I'm not going to pass it on to my daughter or daughter in law... I want to wear something with a little more colour!! I'm thinking red, with blue dresses for the bridesmaids, and dresses, including mine, that we can all wear agian. Weddings shouldn't be expensive affairs.
• India
2 Apr 07
I spend 6lac for my marriage, most from my parents.But I didn't like it, If I spend it in simple way the handsome money will be in our hands. Pls don't do this mistake.