ferrari or lamborghini?

April 1, 2007 3:52pm CST
what is ur favorite...nd which 1 do u think is the best??
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• United States
1 Apr 07
Those are exotic cars that i am pretty sure i will never own. I drive a honda civic around. It has a B20 Vtec motor in it and it does about 11.4 in the quarter mile. I think exotic cars like that is a waste of time and money unless you are rich... because when you buy those cars they are not that fast to begin with. I know when you buy a civic it is slow until you do the motor swap. But for those cars there is no motor swap and it will probably cost about the same as you paid for the car. Those cars come out doing like 13s or 14s on the quarter while i put like 3 or 4 grand in my car and it looks good and it is fast. But maybe one day if mylot accidentally puts one million dollars in my account then maybe i might get one.