Does any one believe the West Indies are losing on purpose?

Antigua And Barbuda
April 1, 2007 4:55pm CST
Do any of u guys believe the west indies are losing on purpose in the world cup . As a west indian supporter I believe there are doing it on purpose. How can a team who won the ICC championship trophy in 2004 and runner up in 2006-7 event be losing like that to teams they have beaten over the last year and when we the supporter dont come out and support their bullshit. The so called great BRian Lara have the audasity to say we the public are not supporting the team because of the low turn out at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium.Who in their right mind is going to support rubbish and an ill displine team. THe two Jamaican batsmans Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuel seem to smoke too much weed and party to much the night before playing a game along with the whole team of party holic on the team who party the night before a game into the wee hours of the morning and showing up half alsleep,drunk or high the next morning for a game.Even do they are not winning the players are receiving $350.0000 US dollars a peace to lose and the player association along with the players want more money to lose they must be crazy or high who in there right mine is going to pay people more money for losing its like paying a cantractor who destroyed your house more money for nothing man these guys are sick.The capatin I believe should retire along with the whole team when u have rubbish there is only one thing to do with it dispose of it that is what should be done with our West Indies team.
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