easter... 1 week away now so...

April 1, 2007 4:57pm CST
with easter being just one week from today, have you decided how many eggs you will be buying for your kid/s? i have only one son, and therefore i could go overboard and buy many many eggs for him (they don't cost that much) but this year i have decided that i will get him only 1 or 2, as i have a large family and he will get eggs from others too. there are my parents, my 2 brother and an older sister that will get him something, then there is my friend, she will no doubt be buying him a small egg (she has a tendancy to buy him suff for christmass and birthdays and such). i really don't want for him to pig out, or to be left with chocolate for months after lol. what about you guys?
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@rekkusu (603)
1 Apr 07
I dont have any children but i bought eggs for my brothers and sisters, since im the eldest (im 19), But only one each because i have 5 sisters and 2 brothers, (and now two empty pockets)
1 Apr 07
lol, i can simpathise sort of, i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters... though i don't have to get eggs for my brothers or older sister, however i have a niece, nephiew, 2 younger sisters, my son and 2 god daughters to buy for lol...
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1 Apr 07
I finished all my Easter shopping the other day . I have five children and went overboard on all of them but feel that since I only do this for Christmas and Easter I love being able to do this for them , so I don't mind that I go overboard . Where others buy for their children all year , I spent the bulk of what I get them and save it for birthday's , Christmas and Easter . I try to get more then just chocolate . I buy useful things I know they will like such a clothes and last year we got kites and fishing rods for the children . Stuff that we know they will use and so it is more like an extended version of Christmas for us .