Soulmate..have u found your soulmate??

April 1, 2007 8:22pm CST
How u defined soulmate? someone who being your wife/husband, your girlfriend/boyfriend, besfriend or who are they?? did u found yours? i thought i've already found my soulmate, he is my boyfriend ohh no! my ex-boyfriend actually..but by the time goes on, my soulmate was disappeared together with my me soulmate can only exist with the true love.. we can feel whatever he/she feel, our heart will sing the same songs, same dig dug.. how bout you? how do u think bout this...
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• Philippines
8 Apr 07
soulmate for me is someone who completes me in one way or another. i can feel that my husband is my soulmate because he complements me in many things. there are times when we are thinking of the same thing. we call this as having the same wavelength...
• Malaysia
19 Apr 07
Ermm...good to hear that! Congratulations to u because u already found your soulmate :). You are right. soulmate will complete each other in many ways..if we lack something, he/ she will complete what is lacking..