Who likes the Venezuelan President, Chavez?

April 1, 2007 9:35pm CST
Hi I'm a mylot newbie and am excited to be in this community, I don't really know where to start, but just recently I watched the news about Chavez helping Argentina paid her debt and that makes me admire him, hence my venezuelan flag avatar. Hope this topic is ok ... Cheers
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
6 Oct 09
It is my declared aspiration that when I'll grow up, I want be Hugo Chavez. That's because by that time, his aspirations will come true - I think Hugo Chavez is dreaming of being Fidel Castro when he grows up. He might have his bad sides, but I appreciate his principles and determination.
@union6 (326)
6 Dec 07
Chavez is a hero of mine, I hope that more and more Politicians become like him and follow his example. He is also becoming very popular in the 'Global Left' community. I recon give it a few years and he will be on the same par as Castro.
@Daremyth (49)
• Venezuela
4 Jun 07
I'm glad you think so. I'm from Venezuela and I'm tired and sick of people bashing Chavez just because he doesn't want to bow to the feet of north american administration. I don't always like the way he says things (he should be more diplomatic sometimes) but at least he speak his mind "sin tapujos". Greetings from Venezuela
• Argentina
6 Apr 07
Chavez is the leader we love and need. He needs to deepen the revolution, but as it is, we have seen wonderful results and he should continue to receive above 86% of the vote if he continues to uphold the will of the people as he has done until now. LONF LIVE CHAVEZ