Real Perfume - Do you have any?

@msbyte (219)
United States
April 1, 2007 9:37pm CST
As a fragrance consultant for LMS fragrances, I am often asked what the difference between the various types of perfumes are. Most of what people call perfume is not really perfume at all, but a mixture of alchohol and other cheap ingredients. A little like air freshner. Real perfume is a wonderful combination of essential oils and alcohol. What is purchased in stores is usually: Splash: (1%) oil ($2-$20) Cologne: 3-5% oil ($5-$75) Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-8% oil ($12.00-$90.00) Eau de Parfum (EDP): 8-15% oil ($40-$200) Designer perfume: 22-25% oil ($200-$600) LMS Fragrances: 28% oil ($20-$98.00) If you look at what you have in your home you will most likely have cologne spray or Eau de Toilette. A few people will have Eau de Parfum. Even fewer will have the 1 oz bottle of real perfume, or the LMS Fragrance. What are the other ingredients? In most perfumes it is a version of alcohol that will cause people to sneeze. LMS fragrances uses pure alcohol. What is best? For men the colonge is sufficient. For women real perfume is best. 1 oz of real perfume will last 4 times longer than a bottle of the cheaper EDT or even EDP. If you use anything less then LMS or Designer perfume, you will need to re-spray every 2-3 hours to have the smell carry with you. If you use real perfume you will need to apply directly to the skin in small amounts, allowing to dry before you put clothes on, so the oil blends with your skin, and not your clothes.
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@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
2 Apr 07
I love to smell good. I'm afraid I don't know what LMS is. Should I? It sounds like the best and most affordable scent to own.