A cat, its friend, and its miracle

April 1, 2007 10:23pm CST
I'm really amazed by my bestfriend's affinity to cats. Since we were in high school, I've known her love and fondness for cats. She hurts when she sees a cat in pain and it's like she wants to adopt every single "orphan" cat in the world! Ok, the other night we were talking about another cat she saw in the street. She said she's happy to have accomplished a sort of miracle again. You see, everytime she sees a stray cat, she goes in her room to get some food and water and then goes back to the cat to give the food. Ain't she sweet? Well, the miracle is that, she just did that for about 3 times with cat she saw in the street, then one day when she passed by the cat, she noticed a lot of food containers. Wow! the cat is even having a burger for dinner and it got a real classy looking container for water now! The point is, when she did that kindness to that poor cat, everybody who saw her seem to follow her lead and she's glad that she's made another cat happy. Well, I'm not really into cats, I'm more into dogs. I probably would do what my friend does to cats she sees but well, it's really inconvenient... What about you? Would you?
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