Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant - a Great Combination! Did you like it?

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April 1, 2007 10:45pm CST
I loved "Warlock", and as a result got to know Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant for the fun-loving actors that they are. I also got to know Paul McGann thru Richard, and a whole host of movies that I never would have seen or heard of were opened up for me. It's not that "Warlock" was the best of movies, but it was downright silly, entertaining, and full of magic. The special effects were good too, for those days - computer animation in real-life films was just getting started. This movie grabbed me where I live - (in a world where magic is real, warlocks do exist, and crazy Scotsmen kidnap American women). Heh, heh, heh...Yes, I know, I'm a little bit insane, but - Did you like "Warlock"? Why? What other actors did you like, and why?
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@emeraldisle (13145)
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7 Apr 07
I loved this movie and do have it on VHS. I want it on DVD. It was very good. It had so much humor in it that it over shadowed the suspense and horror so it wasn't scary for me to watch at all. I liked the whole storyline and its just enjoyable to watch. Julian Sands made an excellent bad guy but Richard E. Grant was perfect as Redfern. He really played the part of witch hunter to a T. Now I didn't care for the sequel as much but it was because it had more horror (and gore) then humor unlike the first movie.