Poor Rich Boy!!!

Prince Stefan - Dream....Believe....Survive
April 2, 2007 2:13am CST
Stephann Andrei Suelo Anlocotan or Prince Stefan at a young age was a product of love between an Arab royalty and a simple woman who is working abroad. Because of this circumstances and cultural differences, bearing a child without a father that would make her life changed completely do some drastic move of having Stefan adopted. Thinking that Prince Stefan would just result more problems and chaos in her life. Stefan was a victim of cruel circumstances. Being unwanted makes him not at eased about himself. He longs for a love of a parent, which was given by her mama Liza. Her mama Liza has also a son named Ludwig whom at a child age used to compete with Stefan in terms on attentions given by her parents to this boy. Her mom used to tell us that his son Ludwig would tell her mom that she love Prince more than he is. Ludwig would have told Prince that her mom is abroad and he better of his mother. I even recalled this story that during times of emotional crises of Prince he used to hide in the closet to hide his emotions to his family. Apparently Prince and Ludwig become friends during the times some bad guys bully Prince Stefan. During high school days Prince Stefan likes to sing and Dance, he even draw as well. Prince having no attentive parents grows up to become a good person both socially and emotionally. He even attended some church choir and that how he developed his talents in singing. He used to work in church as a choir to finance his education as well as everyday food. Recently he pursues his dream of becoming an actor. He joined some reality youth oriented entertainment show and he dream. He believes and he survives the ordeal. He has not won some title but people thought he should have won as he has showcase great talents as well as kind heart and good personality as well. Here in our place youth sector do consider him not an actor but a role model. Young guys who grow up with no parents but hold no grudges with them. He wanted to help her real mother who gave him away as a child .The reason of his joining the said show was to help the surgical operation of his real mom. He hold no grudges to anyone and just continue strive to do well in his career. His parents might consider him unwanted but a person who loves and like him adore him not as an actor but as a person. He could have done something bad but he chooses to strived and developed himself. He is in crossroads before but he chooses the right path. He is nobody but he becomes somebody because he chooses the right way. I asked a lot of people and they would have rebellious if such things happen but Stefan chooses to become different. He loves his family and he honors them as well. He never had forsaken them even though her parent doesn’t do their duty to him. He has outgrown those times of hardship and times he would worry about the food he going to eat and the time he would finance his studies. I wonder why he has grown up such way despite hardship and emotional burden, but then I had realized that Prince loves God so much that God has showed his love for him as well. Now he is a new showbiz personality here in our country. He is a replica of bad childhood as he becomes an unwanted child, this guy might be poor in financial aspect but right now he is slowly making way to become rich not just in financial aspect but in social aspect as well. Prince Stefan is a true replica of Poor Rich Boy; God has given him richness of talents as well as people who would make him feel not alone anymore. Prince do dream, he believes he would do it and he surely survive with the help of God, family and friends.
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• Philippines
2 Apr 07
My nieces ages 5 years old do admire this guy and I can't help admire him as well . For reasons that this guy is not just talented but also have a good heart. He is a role model of the youth. he might have no family to attend him but he pursue his dreams. He never failed to represent our province in that youth oriented show.I pity this guy because of what happen to his life. He has no family, he support his way success. He even support his studies and despited his mom given him up when he was so young he never hold grudges. He still cares for his mother and even wanted to help her financed his surgical needs. I do admire this type of person who without parents growp up to become responsible and have great devotion to his family who abandon him. He has great emotional burden but he left it up to the Lord that for now God has showed his graces to this nice guy.God has not abandon him because God has given him great talents as well as his becoming successful. For me he is an epitome of youth model. His is not just an actor for me but also a person of attitude and firm disposition.