I am in a dilemma ~~~~

April 2, 2007 4:13am CST
In recent days, there are many things occured, which make me confused so that I don't know what should I choose. As matter of fact, what I encountered perhaps merely all youngers have met or would meet, what is called occupation(career) and love (affection)in everyone's life. As a single woman at age of 25, maybe I have met a small part of problems in my life, and I have to face it and make up my mind. The work I do now is a translator in a translation company, which is operated by my boyfriend, however, recently we are going to part from each other, and give up him also means say goodby to my translation work. I can't reconcile to it! I thought over again and again, and my mind is fluctuated again and again. What should I do?
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