Do you know Duran Duran ?

April 2, 2007 6:05am CST
( English ) Do you know Duran Duran ? are they your favorite one ? ( Indonesia ) pals, tau Duran Duran nggak ? doyan nggak sama mereka ???
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• Indonesia
3 Apr 07
waktu duran2 ngetop, selera musik gue lagi condong ke motley crue, bon jovi, twisted sister, dan sejenisnye... jadi cuma denger2 beberapa lagu aje... hungry like the wolf, kalo gak salah.. trus notorious, reflex, dan beberapa lagu yg gak tau judulnye.... roger taylor, nick rhodes, simon lebon, n satu lagi gue gak tau personilnye... Yang paling gue inget personilnye duran2 yaitu simon lebon, karena di buku TTS dulu ada teka teki menyusun nama vokalis yang diacak... simon lebon diacak jadi si bloon men...
• India
4 Apr 07
I love u man ---- abdel achrian is a performer, radio DJ , and rising televsion star . It's a honour to me , that he give his opinion . Keep on rollin' my friend
@desiret (2124)
• Italy
11 Apr 07
yes i know duran duran, this was one of my favourite 80's band... and i like to listen to their music!
• United States
6 Apr 07
Ooh, I really like Duran Duran. I got interested in them at fifteen, when I first saw the Come Undone video.
@skydancer (1987)
• United States
3 Apr 07
I wouldn't say they're my all-time favorite group, however, I do like them a lot. They have a lot of songs I am very drawn to. Like most fans, I like their 80's material better, however, they had a some really touching and catchy songs in the 90's as well, IMHO.
@lida44 (223)
• Finland
2 Apr 07
yes i like them a lot. Some years ago I have seen their concert. Was great performance. Couple years ago they released new album.