What is luck?

April 2, 2007 6:13am CST
Seneca said, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I think luck is a vicious word. It is usually used in two situations. 1:You are really a lucky dog. So the speaker is more or less jealous of the "dog". 2:I'am really lucky. It seems that maybe the speaker is unambitious. But how does this come into being? I think it's because of his experience tells him that some other people will regard him as a "Lucky Dog" even though perhaps he didn't realize that. So waht do you think about luck?
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2 Apr 07
I think taht to a great degree I agree with Senneca. I've always thought that 'Fortune favours the prepared mind'. Also, the flip side exists. Some years ago I had a series of life events that piled in on me, one after another, and a number of people considered that I had been very unlucky. Well, I agreed at first but then I realsied that in several of the cases of 'bad luck' had I been better rpepared I wouldn't have suffered so much. For example, my business failed - had I been managing it better and been prepared for hard times I would have been better able to cope. I think there are times when fate deals us a bad hand, but the better prepared we are to handle the ups and downs of life, the better we can cope with these episodes of 'bad luck'.
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2 Apr 07
I think we create our own luck..by the way that we act and how hard we work at something...i know it seem like some people have great luck everything they touch turns to gold..but i'm sure they are actually working hard for their achievements...i tell my daughter dont count on a lucky charm to help you on your tests study hard instead....