Fines...need advice please

@jhartana (1085)
April 2, 2007 6:28am CST
Fines...yes I know all of us hate to get fined for various reasons. Today my wife was issued with fine that she did not a valid ticket while boarding tram. What happened back then she was traveling to work and she always validate her ticket whenever she travels using tram. She never left the ticket unvalidated. However one officer when he checked my wife's ticket, he said that my wife did not validate the ticket. My wife then said she have validated the ticket but the ticket validating machine did not print the date of travel and expiry time. She thought the machine not working properly. There were like 3 machines in the tram on that time and she have tried all of them...but all of them displayed "Retry". She was sure that the ticket is faulty. But the officer did not believe her, and took away the ticket for further testing. The officer then told her that she should buy another ticket from the ticket machine located inside the tram. She did not have coins with her on that time so she assumed she have purchased the weekly ticket for travel. The officer still was not convinced enough, he left her with the report that they will test the ticket and will let her know several days later. Well today the officer did call her and told her that unfortunately the test shows positive that she did not validate the ticket and did not purchase the daily ticket that officer assume she should know what to do. My wife will be fined $200.00 for failing to validate or purchase new ticket. To me it's unfair, she did not have coins on that time so how could she purchase another one? And one thing that made me and my wife crazy is that the officer did not issue a temporary replacement receipt to proof the ticket is faulty. Both me and my wife have been issued one each before, but this time the officer was simply saying whatever reasons my wife was telling was not true to his ear. Tomorrow I'm going to call department that issue the fine to contest it and complain it. I will also write a letter to say it was so unfair. We've thrown almost $250 each month for buying weekly tickets and yet they don't want to be blamed for faulty ticket. So do you guys think was it unfair for my wife to be fined for the faulty ticket? I need advice and probably I would print out your advice to show them how both of us and you guys feel about this? What would you do if you were my wife?
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