Have you ever getting fined yet?

@jhartana (1085)
April 2, 2007 6:48am CST
Recently I started a topic that my wife has been issued with the fine for not validating the ticket but was not justified. Well I just wanna start another discussion about fine. So if you have getting fined before, what would it be? I got fined for parking, tailgating before but never get any fine for speeding.
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2 Apr 07
I got fined twice in one day for parking. The first ticket was in a carpark where the machine was broken, so no one could pay for their parking and the parking wardens booked everyone. The second one was an hour after I left the carpark, I parked in the street in front of my friends house, I was there all of 10 minutes, and came out of the house to find the ticket just being slapped onto the car. I was livid !!!