Life Without Internet????

April 2, 2007 8:29am CST
It has been a week since the damn network problem happened. Every day the network speed is at a snail’s pace. It takes several minutes to open a very simple website. It makes me feel so frustrated. I don’t know whether you guys know about how is life like without internet but, for me, I tasted it. Hope this problem can be solved soon and no more this kind of damn problem happens ever again.
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• Canada
2 Apr 07
I would be lost without my internet so I can understand you being frustrated . We used to be with dial up and it was frustraing trying to get online and you couldn't because you couldn't get the right connection speed . I was never so happy when we finally got high speed in our area and now I don't have to worry about slow pages or getting booted off because someone called . Hope they fix your connection soon . Best of luck !!