do you remember your first date?

United States
April 2, 2007 9:27am CST
i remember mine well. it was so funny. i was 8 i think and i thought i was hot stuff getting to go to the movies with my boyfriend. his mom dropped us off and we saw a star wars movie. she came back and got us and we all went out to eat. we held hands and he tried to give me a kiss good bye at the door and he missed. i didnt know he was trying to kiss me and i moved he kissed the air lol. my girls are 9 and 12 now and i will not let them go on a date even if i went with them. todays world is a little different. do you remember your first date and what you did?
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@micamyx (916)
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
can't remember anything LOL
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@NiKe_bOi (166)
• Singapore
2 Apr 07
my first date is with my ex gf.. well its like veri funny.. cos we are both first time in the relationship so we not really sure what to do.. so we went out for movie and den dinner.. den walk around talking to each other and took neo cards to keep as memory.. the movie i cant rmbr what but it certainly not a romantic movie i think.. haha.. actualli at that time we are still not attached together yet.. but we like each other.. so discuss where to go on a train station den ended up going to my house.. Well.. my mom din know i got a gf yet.. and we are still not together yet.. so we went my house and talk lo.. at the end of the day.. i send her home and i ask her to be my gf.. she said she is still not ready yet.. in the end we went on a trial for a week.. before we started steadying.. the rest is history..
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@Robyn28 (385)
• Canada
2 Apr 07
hi I met my boyfriend we weren't together at the time anyways I was working at zellers I was a cashier I met him x-mas eve of this year and I started talking about AC/DC and metal kind of music and classic rock he has long hair so he looks like a rocker and I knew we were the same age and he was there with his friend and I knew he'd come back he came back boxing day and he asked me out for a coffee and we went out to dinner he surprised me, I was kind of nervous so I didn't eat much and at the end of the night we hunged like a tight kind of hug like I want to be with u kind of hug and a couple days later I told him I was attracted to him and we haven't been apart since